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APRA Foundation Berlin
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I am seeking an Assistant Director to help with all aspects of the work at APRA. The Assistant Director’s job is to learn to execute basic management and clerical procedures while gradually gaining thoroughgoing familiarity with and mastery of all of APRA’s projects. The aim of the Assistant Directorship is to ensure that the person who ultimately replaces me as permanent Director of the APRA Foundation Berlin is fully competent to do so. The Assistant Directorship carries no guarantee of future promotion to Director. Although such a promotion definitely would be desirable, it would presuppose a consistently high level of performance competence in the projects previously assigned. The point of the Assistant Directorship is to give the chosen individual the opportunity to demonstrate this.
As the successful applicant for this position, you are a steady, stable, mature, high-functioning art professional with sound practical judgment and at least ten years of administrative and managerial experience, both in Germany and abroad, in the international art world. You are skilled and comfortable in dealing with its most prestigious institutions, in social and intellectual as well as administrative capacities; and you are adept at researching and writing clear interpretative texts. You satisfy, and can prove that you satisfy, all of Germany’s legal requirements for being an independent contractor (selbstständige Freiberufler/in). You are as reliable and competent in representing APRA to the external international public as you are in administering its internal procedures; and you are personally committed to furthering its goals and values over the long term. You are creative, innovative and flexible in your work. And you are a person of honor, integrity and conscience in your social and professional relationships.

1. Minimum Job Requirements:
1.1. Master’s Degree in the Arts and/or Humanities
1.2. Official Arbeitserlaubnis as independent contractor (selbstständige Freiberufler/in) in Aufenthaltserlaubnis, Einbürgerungsurkunde, Staatsangehörigkeitsausweis, or other official government document, plus additional documentation of independent contractor status and activity
1.3. Permanent Berlin residency
1.4. Three active job references with current contact information
1.5. At least ten years of prior managerial, clerical, archival, registrarial, and research experience
1.6. Prior experience doing internet database searches of articles, periodicals, books and images
1.7. Fluency in standard bibliographic, footnoting and formal correspondence formats in English and German
1.8. Fluency in written and spoken English and Hochdeutsch
1.9. Strong organizational ability and detail orientation
1.10. Strong diplomatic and interpersonal communication skills
1.11. Strong sense of honesty, personal responsibility, and initiative
1.12. Nerves of steel and an excellent sense of humor under pressure

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September 1, 2017
jobs [__at__] adrianpiper [dot] com
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