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Erasmus University Rotterdam
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The Erasmus of Rotterdam Research Centre and the Rotterdam Public Library have recently launched a new fellowship with regard to the uniqe Erasmus Collection that is being preserved in the library. Interested scholars are able to apply for this position as of now.

The Rotterdam Public Library hosts the world's largest Erasmus Collection which goes back to 1604. The Collection includes more than 3000 early-modern editions of Erasmus' works and handwritten letters, and a vast range of modern translations, editions, articles and books related to Erasmus and his reception from the 16th century to the present. This provides a unique opportunity for junior and senior researchers to engage with Erasmus Studies in the context of (neo-latin) philology, philosophy, typography, book history, Renaissance Studies, and related fields.

ERRC and the Rotterdam Public Library aim to facilitate international researchers to study the world's largest Erasmus Collection. We invite scholars from all over the world to apply for an Erasmus Collection Fellowship and engage in research related to the Collection. We encourage all interested academics, journalists and independent researchers to apply.

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April 1, 2023
j [dot] tholen [__at__] bibliotheek [dot] rotterdam [dot] nl
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